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Redhead Mack Band is a Calgary-based rock band that started after the Covid pandemic buried musicians in lockdown. Redhead Mack singer and guitarist, Kevin Phillips, is joined by guitarist, Lee Carlson; bass player, Jared Wiebe; and drummer, Ian Fraser Love.  Music tempered by the fires of earth became hardened, stronger... with passion and urgency, their original music urges  you to let go and rock out!  

FinalYKTYWTcover copy.jpg

Out Now!!

 In December of 2022, we holed up in a community centre out near Nanton for the weekend, and recorded 11 original rock songs and one fairly obscure cover live off the floor, with Steve Loree of Jr. Gone Wild at the helm.  A couple more days in January of guitars and harmonies, and holy!...  It's an honest to goodness, bonafide, rock album!  It's out on all digital formats, and will be coming out on vinyl as soon as we can get them manufactured!  

Based in Calgary, AB, Canada,
Redhead Mack wants to rock
your event, venue, or festival!
Contact Kevin at 403-852-8223 or Rachel at
Kevin Phillips - Vocals & Guitar
Lee Carlson - Guitar
Jared Wiebe - Bass & Vocals
Ian Fraser Love - Drums
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