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Redhead Mack Band is a brand new rock band that sprung out of the earth after the Covid pandemic buried musicians in lockdown. Redhead Mack singer Kevin Phillips picked up the electric guitar, and, joined by blazing guitarist, Lee Carlson; funky bass player, Jared Wiebe; and tasty drummer, Ian Fraser Love, they started making noise together, and liked what it was turning into!  Music tempered by the fires of earth became hardened, stronger... with passion and urgency, their original music invites you to let go and rock out!  

Based in Calgary, AB, Canada,
Redhead Mack wants to rock
your event or venue.  Contact Kevin at 403-852-8223
Kevin Phillips - Vocals & Guitar
Lee Carlson - Guitar
Jared Wiebe - Bass & Vocals
Ian Fraser Love - Drums
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