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🍁 Unleashing the True North's Sonic Fury: Redhead Mack, A Calgary Anthem in the Making! 🍁

Redhead Mack Band, hails from Calgary, Alberta Canada and is an original rock band with diverse musical influences. Echoing classic to modern rock legends, Redhead Mack Band is often thought of as having a similar vibe to bands like BRKN LOVE, Temple Of The Dog and Bush. From folk-rock solos to hard-hitting rock hits, each Redhead Mack Band original song hits deep in the hearts of their fans, gets them moving and having a great time.


Lead singer Kevin Phillips, who in previous years focused mostly on folk music, picked up the electric guitar, joined guitarist Lee Carlson, bass player, Jared Wiebe and drummer, Ian Fraser Love. Prior to coming together as a rock band, Redhead Mack Band released a slew of folk-rock EPs and singles, and the 2013 album Born On A Time Machine.  In 2023, they released their album You Know That You Want To that showcases their good-time rock n' roll sound and lyrics that aim to help people find their own voice and look after each other while working together.


Redhead Mack Band has played in many venues across Western Canada and have been featured in a variety of publications including Record World International, Maximum Volume Music and Canadian Beats.

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The Band



  • Whiskey Rose

  • The Vat Pub (Red Deer)

  • Chestermere Water Festival

  • Mountain Shadow Music Festival

  • East Coulee Spring Festival

  • Grey Eagle Casino

  • Ironwood Stage & Grill

  • Vern’s Tavern

  • Mikey’s on 12th

  • Ridgeview Resort

  • Prairie Dog Brewing

  • Bushwalker Brew Pub

  • Section 6 Brewing Co.

  • Skunkworks Distillery

  • Snake Lake Brewing Company

  • Hell’s Basement Brewery Inc.

  • Cornerstone Music Cafe

  • Congress Coffee Company

  • Elephant’s Bar Bistro

  • Ironwood Stage & Grill

  • East Coulee School Museum

  • The Dorset Pub & Eatery

  • Art Market Craft Sale

  • Rockyview Alliance

  • Chestermere Golf Course

  • Pizza Rico’s

  • Sleeping Giants Brew Co.

  • Medicine Hat Brew Co.

  • Omen Brewing

  • Two Rivers Distillery

  • Confluence Distillery

  • Cafe Koi

  • Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

  • Tool Shred Brewing Co.

  • Citizen Brew Co.

  • Didsbury District Museum

  • Mission Coffee House

  • South Block

  • Rebellion Brew Co.

  • Torque Brewing

  • The Powerderhorn

  • Juliet’s Castle

  • Blind Beggar Pub

  • Black Lion Pub

  • The Dog & Duck Pub

  • Lord Nelson Bar

  • Swigs Pub & Grill

  • ATB Central Services

  • Mikey Juke Joint

  • Oldman River Brewing

  • Spectrum Ale Works

  • Stronghold Brewing

  • The Pass Beer Co.

  • Theoretically Brewing Co.

  • The Gateway (SAIT)



Redhead Mack Band puts on a magnetic performance and has left an indelible mark on every venue fortunate enough to host them, earning them a reputation as a must-see live act. Such is the impact of their original music and captivating shows that venues consistently clamour for their return. The band's ability to connect with the audience on a visceral level, coupled with their infectious energy, has turned each performance into a memorable event.


Venues recognize that Redhead Mack Band not only draws in enthusiastic crowds but also creates an atmosphere where patrons are fully immersed in the music, dancing and having an absolute blast. It's no surprise that the band receives invitations to return, as Redhead Mack Band has mastered the art of delivering not just a concert but an unforgettable experience that lingers in the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to witness their rockin’ spectacle.


Venues can choose to book the full band or a more intimate acoustic show with Kevin.


Desert Is A Hard PlaceRedhead Mack Band
00:00 / 03:37
Small Blue DotRedhead Mack Band
00:00 / 04:48
What If I CalledRedhead Mack Band
00:00 / 04:11
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