Lead singer Kevin Phillips has been playing as Redhead Mack for many years, but the Redhead Mack Band is a new iteration!  Kevin always wanted a rock band, but didn't quite know how to transition from the folky leaning stuff he was already known for into a more sonically bold sound without discarding songs or alienating audience. Through Covid lockdown, Kevin focussed on playing electric guitar, and had the time to write new material as well as create new electric arrangements for existing songs.   The rest of the guys were also stuck at home, practicing a lot, and chomping at the bit to get to play live again... so as soon as we were able, we got together in person, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  NOW, we want to bring the fun to you!

Based in Calgary, AB, Canada,
Redhead Mack wants to rock
your event or venue.  Contact Kevin at 403-852-8223
Kevin Phillips - Vocals & Guitar
Lee Carlson - Guitar
Jared Wiebe - Bass & Vocals
Ian Fraser Love - Drums