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🍁 Unleashing the True North's Sonic Fury: Redhead Mack, A Calgary Anthem in the Making! 🍁

Born in the crucible of the pandemic, this original rock band is made up of Kevin Phillips on lead vocals and guitar, Lee Carlson on lead guitar, Jared Wiebe on bass, and Ian Fraser Love on drums.


Redhead Mack Band is not only a talented musical act, they’re the embodiment of the Great White North's indomitable spirit, seamlessly blending the echoes of their homeland into a rock symphony that resonates with every Canadian heart.

With musical influences as diverse as the landscapes that stretch from coast to coast, Redhead Mack echoes classic rock legends to modern rock tracks. The lyrics tell stories of good people who live in Canada and the daily tribulations that define the experiences of the everyday person. Each original song hits deep in the hearts of their fans. From folky acoustic solos to hard-hitting rock hits, Redhead Mack Band provides fans with a diverse range of musical excellence that gets people moving and having a great time.

They released their first EP in 2017, two singles in 2020 and their most recent full album in 2023. Since then they have dazzled audiences all over Alberta with their original rock sound.


Redhead Mack Band plans to release more original music and take their show on the road touring around Western Canada and eventually all through Canada.

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Kevin Phillips

Vocals, Guitar

Singer, guitar, and songwriter for Redhead Mack


Lee Carlson

Lead Guitar

Tone chaser and lightning creator 

Jared Wiebe

Bass, Vocals

Lays down the low end


Ian Fraser Love


Thunder and groove, he'll make you move 

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